Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fan Guide for Banff

Some of you might have family members coming to watch a bike race for the first time. Here are some tips, shamelessly lifted from

Helpful things to shout:
  • "Your teammate is bridging up to you."
  • "Four riders have a 15-second lead, but two of them aren't pulling."
  • "Take turn 1 wide. I sprinkled carpet tacks on the inside." (Best said sotto voce.)
Unhelpful things to shout:
  • "Go faster!"
  • "You're getting dropped."
  • "Boy, do you stink."
How to answer when bystanders ask why you're not racing:
  • "I put the 'cry' in criterium."
  • "I get dizzy riding around in circles."
  • "I prefer it when my skin is attached to my body."

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Tom K said...

Matt, can't find your name to post a PM. I have those aero bars. I'm heading up tonight so you can pick them up today or 1st thing in the morning.... sugges today so you can play around with them.


Does anyone need a lift up tonight?

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