Thursday, June 18, 2009

MS Bike Tour

Steve P and I have been doing the MS bike tour for 4 years now. This year it was on the 13th and 14th of June. There's no real training here even though we do about 100km on both Saturday and Sunday. We had a team of about 15 people this year with a wide range of abilities, and the fun in the whole thing is to stay together with the slower people on the team, offer encouragement and generally have a good time going 20km/h and frying in the heat for 6.5 hours on the bike each day.

I ran in to Tom Kenny as the tour started and he quickly made fun of our "team kit" with the superheroes and the capes (one guy asked me if we were the tablecloth gang). I don't know what he was thinking, these were the sweetest jerseys out there. At least we got a lot of comments on them and a lot of questions like "do the capes help with aerodynamics". Of course the answer to that question is an emphatic yes!

Later on Saturday night when the party really began at Olds college, where we stay the night, I ran into Mr. Kenny again. This time he was bragging about how fast he got to Olds and how he got his massage and went out to BPs for a couple of beers already. We met again on the dance floor when we were all pretty hammered (I mean carbed up for the ride tomorrow right?). That was an awesome night!

In the end our team raised about $8500 for research to find a cure for MS and had a lot of fun meanwhile. I would definitely recommend doing something like this!

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Tom K said...

Yup, a few too many cocktails, I mean carbo loading liquids that night. Good fun! I think I burned more colories dancing than riding. Sunday morning was a bit rough.

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