Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photos and wheels. UPDATE: CLOTHING !!

Guys, I will be in Banff for all races taking as many photos as I can. Make sure to have your pain faces on and be off the front when I see you!! We* race aggresive and hard this weekend.

Also... ST gave me a pair of pretty light Dura-Ace race wheels for anyone to use this weekend. First one to Alex's truck today gets them.

ALSO>>> SECOND ROUND CLOTHING IS IN !!! If you ordered clothing in the second round, you can go pick it up at the store before Banff !!

*and by we I mean you guys


Scott G-C said...

Good luck to everyone racing today, can't wait to get out there.

Steve P said...

Can't wait to wear this years kit!

Darryl said...

The jerseys are awesome. I have hopes though, that someone out there ordered a small size jersey and found a medium waiting for them, 'cause I ordered a medium and found a small in my bag. Check and see if we can swap, 'kay?


Darryl said...

Okay. Darryl is an idiot. I suspect I ordered a small jersey based on my sparrow-like pectoral development, neglecting that I have these massive guns and the neck of an offensive guard. If someone out there has the opposite build I'd still be interested in swappage. Maybe I'll just rip off the arms and leave the zipper open. That'd go well with my '78 Camaro and predilection for Extra Old Stock.

Clarke E said...

Did anyone order a 3/4 zip and got a full length? I ordered the full and got a 3/4. Unfortunately I already used it in Banff, but I did wash it right away. I have no problem keeping it if that's gross.

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