Sunday, June 28, 2009

Devon recap and cat 3 RR

Super awesome racing weekend, both for Speed Theory, and just to be at a race that the community is so behind. Four races makes it worth the drive, big prize money ($6,000 total), some fun kids events (unfortunately I didn't get time to use the monster truck jumping castle), quick results, wicked Sunday lunch, and all done in time so that I got to have a beer and mow the lawn when I got home. One of the organizers was asking for suggestions to make it better for next year, and despite being gunned from a half-bottle of champas and a beer post-crit, I think I managed to coherently convey that having it right after Banff was tough on people's time and wallets.

Clarke told it straight, let me just give a shout out to Harlee, who buried himself pulling in the last few laps of the crit to stop anyone from attacking, nice work!!

Nice work Kelly - first race, right? Great to see another Speed Theory woman out.

Photo: Bill Quinney

Ok, cat 3 road race. Rain stopped just in time for roads to be almost dry, but the wind still sucked on the way out. Not too much action to the KOM, at which point Keith went on a flyer with 100 metres to go and crushed everyone. Keith and I covered attacks to the turn-around, except when one dude went on a solo attack and hung about 1 minute out in the howling wind for 30 km...funny/painful to watch. I got second on the second KOM, then Keith and the big diesel Blaine Richter caught up to the three of us off the front (me, Keith Batstone and a Cyledelia guy) and we took off, pace-lining like demons. I'll pretend I was thinking good tactics when I buried myself on my pulls, but I think my brain was just oxygen deprived. Blaine took it up another level for the final couple of km, and Keith stayed with to take second. Keith Batstone (a super strong dude that would probably fare a lot better if he could save his guns for key moments, rather than getting on the front of the peleton to show us all that we're pussies any time the pace dropped below 40km/h) pulled us other two wimps to the 200m, where we both out-"sprinted" him (I think we got up to about 45km/h...downwind) so I got 4th.


Clarke E said...

Haha,awesome, you can actually see the trajectory of my cork...very limp indeed.

Joel said...

Nice work Keith and Lockie!

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