Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sorry, this post has nothing to do with RAW or the banff stage race. It has to do with chilling in the motel room all day watching golf.

The weather is holding in today and looks like it will be overcast with possible showers. Perfect ironman weather.

Our bikes are checked. Our bags are checked. All that is left is a final sleep, some morning feeding. A crunch or two. Then we will be off for our fun filled day.

It is great to see. There are speedtheory jackets and outfits all over the place down here. The logo is becoming very well known.


Kyle Marcotte said...

Go Hooper and Jared!

Joel said...

5:06 Bike Split for Jared and 5:19 for Hooper. Solid splits now rip up the run!

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