Friday, June 5, 2009

It's looking better !

The forecast is looking up. Sweet. Lorie drove the course this morning and said it is looking good. It is being entirety !!!... this afternoon.

On a personal note, I am having complications from the road rash and concussion, and won't be too mobile tomorrow, so don't ask me to race over to your bike to help pump up a tire or something. I may spontaneously burst into tears from having to pull out of Banff, but just tell me I was probably going to suck there anyway or something :) I am excited for this event and hope we offer a quality experience. I want to see lots of extreme effort out there tomorrow !!

Here is the site plan... This is what I gave our parking marshal, Cam, M&M, and all those involved in setting things up. You can see the Country Hills Bridge on the top of the picture.

Here is the structure of the north turn around. This looks tight, but it isn't in any way. Remember we have 5 lanes !! There is tons of room, I just drew big so it was obvious. There has a problem with the east highway's paving so we are just using one.


Scott G-C said...

I just want to say the the weather at the race course looks great.

Amy said...

I hope its better up north because down south in TV it is snowing like crazy and sticking to the road and ground....ugh

Carl Miiller said...

I don't know which forecast you're looking at, but what I've seen looks nasty still. I suppose the snow will instantly melt on the ground and we'll be OK.

I feel sorry for the really fit skinny guys - they got no body fat to keep the body temperature up. This might be a race that favors us chunkier guys. Same kind of body type that wins the "polar bear dip" year after year.

No laughing at my snow pants tomorrow!


bowrepublik said...

is the race still on? cyclocross?
if its snowing sadly i'll be staying home. sorry not looking for road rash this early in the season.
good luck everyone


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