Monday, June 8, 2009

Race Across the West

Hi! This is Dallas. I'm one of the newer 2009 ST members, I've been cycling for a couple years in Alberta and I definitely don't know everbody on the Team yet. I started racing bikes in B.C... well lets see, my first event as a kid was in 1983. But my first 'serious' race was in 1989 ( mountain bike). I've since been Road Racing since 2005, have never done a Triathlon, ( one day maybe ). I'm also a former Director of Randoneuring (Ultra Cycling) as well as Mountain Bike Director, Race Organizer, Trail Builder, Coach... etc. Bikes are cool, plain and simple.
Most of my 'success' has been racing Mountain Bike at Elite/Pro Mens level since 1998 with a brief stint of Sponsorship and bikes from KONA. Although I consider my real success in Organizing, and giving back to the Cycling community.

I'm writing this little blurb to raise some awareness about a little event I'm starting next week. It's called the Race Across the West, also known as RAW. The RAW is the first 1/3 of the Race Across America (The World Toughest Bicycle Race) and I have a time limit of 92 hours. My event starts in conjunction with the RAAM Solo Men, and is 1000 miles, or 1680km, vs. their entire Trans Continental 3000 mile event. One day, I hope to be able to compete in RAAM.

Last year I focused some training into some Enduro Mountain Bike Race's and I did quite well, winning the Giver8tor, and the Salty Dog, and placing Top 10 at the Adrenaline 24 Hour Worlds. So in the fall of last year I flew down to Texas to take part in a different kind of event, Ultra Cycling on the Road Bike. The Texas Time Trials was the proving grounds of my determination to suffer, as I rode the 500 mile/ 805km event in 27 hours 14 minutes total. Winning 1st making a new course record, and a very heavy trophy that I hauled all the way back to Canada.

Hence my attempt at the Race Across the West. Although about $20,000 cheaper logistically, than the full RAAM, I am funding a Team of 3 required support people and a rental mini van to get our Team to the Start line in Oceanside California for June 17th.

Please feel free to follow another Speed Theory Ultra Cyclist, ( after Steve Kenny ), and check our results and updates via the Official RAAM website. The Race starts next Wednesday the 17th at noon Pacific time.
And if you are able to support our charity of choice, The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, we accept donations, no matter how small via a secure Pay Pal link on the 2nd page of our Team's Website. We will be issuing Tax receipts after the event is finished and our proceeds are submitted.
Thank you respectfully to all who have donated already :0) And wish us LUCK!. We leave on Friday.


David said...

Good luck Dallas! You are a machine!

RobWoolley said...

Dallas, good luck and all the best. We'll be watching closely and cheering you on.

RobLukacs said...

That's awesome, good luck Dallas!

Anonymous said...

Dallas you scare me. For real. But in the best possible way... haha

Kick some ass dude.

alejandro H said...

Wow impressive! I have not met you yet but look forward to it, and hearing stories about your leg of this epic ride!! Cheers

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