Sunday, June 28, 2009

Devon GP Update

Some early results from Devon where Speed Theorists were ripping it up this weekend.

- Lachlan: 1st overall in the GC.
- Keith: 3rd overall in the GC.
- Kelly: 4th overall in the women's GC.
- Marcotte: 4th in the TT.

I look forward to hearing the details to these great finishes and results from other STers! Congrats guys!


Clarke E said...

Frickin awesome! Nice work everyone.

Sorry I didn't stick around for the lunch, our race ended two hours before it started. I was already enjoying my root beer milkshake in Red Deer by the time they were grilling the steaks.

Great weekend for Speed Theory. I heard a lot of comments on how we're such a good team for being such a young team.

DalRock said...

wow, nice work!. Way to represent!.

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