Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Team Elite Speed Theory (TEST) at Wasa

his past weekend was an excellent weekend for the Speed Theory team racing at the Wasa Lake Triathlon. Speed Theory dominated the team category with a stacked team consisting of Jon Bird (last name should be fish) for the swim, Alex Shaw (A-Train) on the bike and Darcy Bell (the ST manager who apparently runs). Jon led out of the water in his new Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit, but was nipped at the timing mat by eventual Olympic distance winner Andrew Russell. A-Train proceeded to lay down a staggering 53:59 for the 40 km bike. When he came flying into transition he hit the brakes and smoke could be seen bellowing from his brakes and his thighs! He proceeded to tag off to Darcy who ran all alone out front to a record breaking time of 1:45:13, over 30 minutes faster than the 2nd team. Congrats!

Originally Darcy challenged others to a flex off, but you can guess how that worked out.

Alex coming into T2

A-Train pulls into station and releases Darcy.

Team Elite Speed Theory member Jon Bird continued on from his great swim to lay down the 3rd fastest bike split on the day. His work this winter on two wheels and his Argon 18 E-114 seems to really be paying off. Jon broke the 1 hour mark for 40km and then headed out for the run. The temperature was perfect and Jon was running strong. Some people commented that Jon wasn’t looking good on the run, but I quickly reminded them that Jon never looks good! He held off some fast charging competition to a solid 3rd place finish overall. His finishing time was 1:53:55.

Jon mounting his steed

The women’s race saw absolute Speed Theory domination. Cat Brown and Tanya Salomon both had good swims, which set the up to lay the hurt on the bike. In impressive style, Tanya set the standard for the day by clocking the fastest bike split on her Argon 18 E-112. Cat set herself up to clinch victory with the second fastest bike. I am starting to see a trend in cycling abilities of athletes from Speed Theory….I wonder if it is because we are a bike shop, or maybe it’s the Louis Garneau TT hemets and shoes??? Once on the run, Cat was unstopable and confidently ran herself to her first big win of the season in 2:06:16. Tanya was also able to complete the task at hand on the run and finished a very strong 2nd, just 50 sec back in 2:07:05. What a great day!

Cat ready to roll.

Congrats to all the Speed Theory athletes competing at Wasa. All the best in the rest of the season.

Tanya on the run

Cat was also caught flashing the competition before the race began. The intimidation factor was huge!


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