Wednesday, June 3, 2009

C4 Team Race Report

We all knew that it was going to be an intense evening of racing when Simon set a blistering pace (Simon was talking like it was a Sunday ride, while I had to catch my breath between each word) and Lockie laid down an attack on the warm-up lap. After some quick calculations, the race teams were announced based on our blistering TT times (some course records were apparently set). Jared tried to slip into the B event by hoping that Trev would not notice a calculation error, but this was quickly protested.

The B event pitted Team Orange, led by Marilyn, versus Team Purple, led by Mike H and Team Pink led by me (yes, ha ha, team pink ... yes I know ... I am okay with it since I already shave my legs). Props to Rui for attacking on the first hill of the first lap ... not once, but twice. The second lap team lead sprint saw Mike with a huge lead, followed by myself and then Marilyn. On the final lap Marilyn started talking smack (I don't know why???), especially when she gathered up enough riders to lay down the hurt and win the race. I must note that even though team Orange won the event, Team Pink was the first team to have all five racers cross the line (am I grasping at straws here). In the end Team Orange took the evening with 12 points, closely followed by Team Pink and Team Purple, both with 11 points. Thanks to all of my Pink teammates for putting in such a great effort (along with all of the other racers). It was definitely competitive, but a tonne of fun.

As for the A event, all that I heard was Jared and Joel attacked on the first lap and were never seen again.

Thanks to Trev, Kyle, Mike, Kaille and Thomas for volunteering (sorry if I missed someone) and the Crankmasters for continuing to welcome us to their racing series. Trev, you put together a killer evening!

P.S. Rui, we both know who has bragging rights at this point ... even if your team won the race. ;)


Clarke E said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun with a lot of good action! I wish I could have been there, but I figured that some practice with the new aero bars was more important.

Nice work guys! It sounds like it was another Speed Theory fest.

Scott G-C said...

Sorry I missed this race, it sounded like a lot of fun.

Trying to shake this cold so I am ready for the race on Saturday.

RobWoolley said...

Hello from North Carolina, I am choked that I missed this race. I am going to crush all next wednesday.


Darcy G said...

By some miracle I got tossed into the 'A" race and sucked wheel the whole way around the course, just so I could hang on. Rob Lukacs was not impressed... =) =)

Joel said...


As a result of some suspect accounting, I was made an "A" captain, along with Simon and Lockie, despite finishing 4th in the TT. That allowed our team to be stacked with Mr. Green coming to us via 4th round draft pick for a bucket of pucks. Jared and I decided (?) to attack right on the first hill while half the group was still clipping in. We got a gap and Jared pulled me around the course for 2 laps as our lead increased to over a minute by 16km to take the first round of points. We then soft-pedalled and were pleasantly surprised to see our third teammate coming up the road next (forget his name...sorry). One more painful lap for us! This allowed us to have a 3 man breakaway for the final lap and hold on for maximum points. Simon and Lockie's teams duked it our for second place. Perfect night for biek racing, great course and fun, unique format. Thanks Trev, Thomas, Kailee, Kyle and Mike for a fun night!!

RobLukacs said...

Great race indeed! Although our group of 9 couldn't get it together enough to catch 3 guys, I still had a lot of fun. We learned some good tactics and the race was a perfect simulation for the real meal deal. I do remember laying down an f bomb once or twice when I had to double shift in the paceline and pull through due to some miscommunication in race theory. Nothing personal Darcy, I'm not mad at you ;)

Everyone who wasn't there should definitely try to make it out. It's awesome to experiment with strategy and learn where your strengths are when riding in a group.

Thanks to Trev, Thomas, Kailee, Mike and Kyle for setting this up. Although for a bunch of nerds, you guys aren't very good at math.

Trev said...

Guys !! No where did you mention that Thomas and I managed to pull off start times of every 15seconds! A feat thought easy until people started coming in in bunches with no identification !

The Cranky to Speed Theorist attendance ratio is increasing. Last night there were 11 CM, 14 ST, 1 Bici, 1 ERTC, 1 Highwood

I will have 'correct' times up soon, my wife drove away this morning with my clipboard.

Darcy G said...


I knew you weren't mad. =) However, I learned a bunch of stuff from that race riding with guys who are faster than me. It was a great race.

Trev said...

Rob and Frank have potty mouths.

Mark said...

Trev, sorry about not celebrating the fact that you could say go every fifteen seconds. What was I thinking!?

AlanO said...

Sounds like a riot.

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