Monday, June 8, 2009

Second round clothing

Just heard from Champion that they expect the clothes to ship June 15th. I will let you know immediately when your clothes are ready for pick up.  Marilyn has been using my jersey since Velocity RR and I am not sure if I want it back. Anyone want to buy a Medium full-zip :)



Matt Mackay said...

i do trev, medium would be perfect! i am kicking myself now for not ordering more stuff on the second round. i thought i would be fine but i wish i had bought the coat and a smaller jersey.

AlanO said...

If another Med shows up I'll take one. Somehow mine got torn ;)

Simon said...

On a clothing issue... anyone want to buy an unused set of XL bibs (ST race bibs). They still have the label in and are genuinely fresh (I'm L, not XL - I forgot that I'm a skinny git when I was ordering).

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