Friday, May 1, 2009

Coulee Cruiser Race - Who's Going? - Updated Racer List

With the GP Bici canned, everyone should be rested and fresh for the Coulee Cruiser next weekend. Who is planning to be there, and which races are you doing? Post like this:

Darcy Gullacher, Cat 5, HC and Road Race

This way we don't have a bunch of racers named Anonymous showing up. =) =)

I was down in Lethbridge for Easter and checked out the hill climb by car. It appears to be a consistent climb that kicks up just a touch at the end, but nothing too serious. It's in a gully, so it will feel a lot like Edworthy, but twice as long.

Here's who I have:

Darcy Gullacher HC/RR
Clarke Ellis RR
Andrew Wolaniuk RR
Thomas Yip HC/XC/RR
Carl Miller HC/RR
Tom Kenney HC/RR
Mike Healy HC/RR
Joel Souchotte HC/RR
Simon Williams RR
Andy Hill HC/RR

Cat 2/3
A-Train HC/RR
Keith RR
Dallas HC/XC/RR
Lachlan HC/RR
Dennis HC

Cat 4
Slayer RR
Mike G RR
Carlos RR


Anyone missing?


Clarke E said...

I'll be going.

Clarke Ellis, Cat 5, HC and RR

Andrew said...

Andrew Wolaniuk , Cat 5, RR only

can't make HC due to class

looking for car pool team mate(s)

if any1 interested

Trev said...

Trev, Racing Cat2, HC, XC, RR

Thomas said...

Cat5, HC, XC, RR

Anonymous said...

from the looks of it not many will represent :(

Scott G-C said...

Where are people staying that are going for both the Saturday-Sunday events.

I am thinking of going to the Sunday race but wondering about accommodations on the Saturday night.

Lockie said...

Lachlan Cat3, HC, XC bike

Scott, my wife's not coming to L-Town (the 'Bridge?) with me, so I'll probably sleep in a ditch somewhere, thus saving money for when she does.

Thomas said...

I'm staying at the Travel Lodge. Got the woman and dog with me otherwise I'd be in the ditch with Lachlan.

Scott G-C said...

See I am going to have a wife and two kids with me. Lockie, check with Andy he might need a roommate.

Trev are your wife and child coming might be able to hook them up with my family. So the don't go stir crazy.


Trev said...

The only family that is going down with me is Alex.


Carlos said...

Carlos Salas, Cat 4, RR (if they get the registration in time)

Anonymous said...

Rod M.

Racing Cat2, HC, XC, RR as long as a XC bike can be arranged.

RobLukacs said...

Rob L.

Cat ??? (my license says 5 right now...), HC maybe, RR

Carl Miiller said...

I'm going.

Carl, HC and RR, Cat 5

Tom K said...

I'm in Cat 5 HC/RR (I still need final approval from the tower but it looks positive). I can bring three guys and three bikes. I don't care where I stay as long as nobody snores.

Tom K said...

Scott, My wife and kids might come down. How old are your kids? Mine are 8 and two.

Scott G-C said...


Room is booked at the Days Inn Lethbridge. It has a hot tube so if anyone needs to unwind after the Hill climb let me know.

Cat 5 RR, watching the HC.

Tom K, my kids are 3 and 5 months.

Keith Bayly said...

If the weather stays ok for Sunday, then...

Keith Bayly, Cat 3, RR only.

I have a van. I can very comfortably take two others.

Anonymous said...

If it's not snowing I'll be going

Cat 5, HC & RR.

Keith Bayly said...

I'm out.

WTF is with the mail in entry? What year is it in Lethbridge?

Good luck to those that are going.

Someone take a laptop and show Phil and the rest of the Headwinds members what the internet is.

Trev said...

Keith, is looks like you can do 'race-day' registration. This is what Alex and I are doing.


Scott G-C said...

I am also race day registering on the Saturday.

There site says that they have wavied the late fee.

Anonymous said...

Watch the weather forecast for Lethbridge. Heavy snowfall warning now and snow continuing into Wednesday. Sounds great for a weekend race - not. Any races in Arizona this weekend? How about Fairbanks Alaska, 20 degrees C all week, any races there?

Scott G-C said...

I don't know the weather reports that I am seeing shows Sunday as being the eye of the storm, lets hope it holds out.

Steve P said...

Assuming Mother Nature stops hating us...

Stephen Pickett, Cat 5, HC & RR

Darcy G said...

So, I believe this is our Cat 5 team for the weekend:

Darcy Gullacher HC/RR
Clarke Ellis HC/RR
Andrew Wolaniuk HC/RR
Thomas Yip HC/XC/RR
Scott Gibson-Craig RR
Carl Miller HC/RR
Tom Kenney HC/RR
Mike Healey HC/RR
Stephen Pickett HC/RR

That's a solid crew. I know Thomas is close to moving up to Cat 4, so hopefully a good team effort can deliver a win for Thomas. He was right in the mix at provincials last year until a flat put him out of the running.

Scott G-C said...

I am sorry to say that I must back out of this weekends race.

I have to return to Ontario for a funeral.

Andrew said...

Andrew Wolaniuk, Cat 5, RR only

I can only make the RR on Sunday..

I got a training course until 4:00 pm Sat..

not sure to drive up Sat nite or get up and go early Sunday..leaning to get up & go Sunday

Car pool for Sunday? takers? Keith?

Dennis said...

I'm only doing the HC only on Saturday morning... have to travel out of the country on Sunday... :(

Anonymous said...

Joel Souchotte, Cat 5, HC and RR

Pending Mother Nature.

Dan Sigouin said...

I am racing the road race.
When I cross the finish line I am pointing my midde finger straight up at the sky, I hope Mother Nature is watching as I do it. I grow tired of her crap!

I'm taking my main wingman Michael Godfrey with me.


Keith Bayly said...

Alright, I'm back in.
If for some stupid reason I can't register on race day morning I can always work the feed zone for the rest of you.
Andrew. Email me.
Anyone else wanna ride in style?

Andy H said...

Andy Hill for CAT 5 will be racing both HC and RR.

Steve P said...

Crud - I won't be able to make the weekend anymore. Until next time!

Clarke E said...

I can't make the hill climb anymore, but will be there for the RR on Sunday and possibly for the team dinner Saturday night.

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