Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tonight and Penticton

C4 Race:  Hopefully the weather doesn't suck it like this whole spring so far for tomorrow night. If you raced the RR and ITT last weekend, I would suggest limiting your gears tomorrow night to above the 17 when you are in the big ring. You want your cardio to take a hit more than your legs. Just spin like crazy. If you did the RR and no ITT, then crunch it until Retreat Road as hard as possible and then gear restrict yourself. If you did neither, then lay down as fast a time as possible.

Penticton: If you are coming, cool. But please remember that since we have made this an 'official' training camp, that only ABA members, or club members can join in the training rides. They are more than welcome to join in at the pub and coffee shop later..of course ! Your group-riding non-ABA, non-club friends can buy a temp club membership if there is interest, but you HAVE to let me know. Please don't put everyone else in an awkward situation by showing up with a friend that voids everyone else's 3rd party liability.
I am not sure who is going. Please leave a comment here in this form:
Trev and Lachlan 17th - 22nd Ogopogo
Ryan 16th - 23rd Ogopogo
Jared and Tanya and Frank 16th - 24th BB
Marilyn 15th - 18th BB, 19th - 20th ??
Cat and Mike Y. 16th - 19th ??
Mark 16th Farm with goat and sheep
Dallas 16th - 18th Ogopogo
Chris 16th - 19th Tiki Shores


Mark said...

Hey ... what the ... farm with goat and sheep!? Trev, you are going down hard. I will most likely be taking my tent and camping out for the one night that I will be out. Does any one know what the riding plan is for Saturday?

Hoop said...

Chris H 16th - 19th Tiki Shores

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