Monday, May 4, 2009

The Weekend Warriors

Great weekend, lots of hard racing and good company.

Shout outs to the unsung heros of the Cat 5 Race...

Joel and Carl gave some huge efforts in the first half of the race. I'm sure this led to shedding a few competitors and hurting most everyone else.

Clarke and Andrew for surviving the crash and working hard to finish the race.

Thanks to anyone else I missed, I couldn't always see where everyone was but I know everyone was working hard. Funny thing I got comments from 4 people in the peloton who were in shock at the numbers, strength and organization of Speed Theory in the Cat 5 race. I think this speaks loudly for the commitment and effort of the racers and management of our team. Kudos to everyone on a successful showing this weekend.

The Jens Voigt award for hardness goes to my wind shield and lead out man Tom K. Tom worked super hard at the front of the race in the first half, then when the peloton shattered on the KOM he and I did a 2 man paceline to catch the group that was chasing Simon. Tom then basically dragged 4 of us across the prairies and gave me a perfect opportunity to beat out the others for a 3rd place sprint finish.

It was also great to see Marilyn out to battle the women's division for Speed Theory this weekend.

Great job to everyone that made it out to Lethbridge. Super impressive season opener!


BikingBakke said...

Very impressive showing by your team... Dallas, Trev, Simon, Lauchlan... the guys I know performed, well, just how they always seem to do, kicking ass.

Trev and I were emailing a bit today, the people who did the hillclimb without powermeters can do some back calculations off this site that are decently calibrated to at least a decent degree of accuracy with my known parameters, power measurement, and course guesstimates:

Darcy G said...

Hey guys,

Great work this weekend. Congrats to Simon, Joel, Tom and Thomas. Carl laid the hurt on hard at the beginning. Clarke and Andy, great job picking yourselves up and finishing the race. Andrew, way to turn on the gas coming home. Sorry I passed y'all after the crash without checking for injuries. Survival instincts kicked in. Sorry about that. Lesson learned.

Clarke E said...

Hey Darcy, don't worry about it, I feel like more of a jerk for running someone over and then only thinking about fishing my bike out of the pile and getting it going again. But like you said survival instincts, and, in my case, a giant surge of adrenaline.

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