Monday, May 4, 2009

Velocity RR and Aerobic ITT


This weekend is the Velocity Road Race and Aerobic ITT. It's a focus weekend for the team and a great time. The RR is much flatter than Lethbridge so there should be less pack shattering on climbs and the only challenge will be from cross winds, head winds and various other types of wind.
Most people will drive up Sat. morning to the road race. Or stay in a close hotel if early mornings are not your thing.

Velocity Road Race Planning details:Velocity RR is Saturday, May 9th. REGISTER HERE !!
  • RobL and RobW are heading up Friday night to the lovely Park Ave Inn.
  • Map from YYC to Josephburg: MAP
Aerobic ITT Planning Details:
  • Aerobic ITT is Sunday: Details here.
  • Hotel for Saturday Night: Motel 6
  • This is close to a BPs for another team dinner Saturday night. Since this is a focus race, the team will be supplying FREE BEER for all team members and their wives that make it to BP ! (Rob, if you bring an escort, we will include her in the 'free beer' thing)
  • Map from RR to Hotel: MAP
I will update this post with more detail as I get it.

Cat5 (12 so far)
Rob Woolley RR/ITT, Clarke Ellis RR/ITT, Aryeh Rosenberg RR/ITT, Darcy Gullacher RR/ITT, Steve Pickett RR/ITT, Charles Finstad RR/??, David Morgantini RR/ITT/TTT, Mike Hoang RR, Tom Kenny RR, Mark Shand RR, Bart Ujack RR, Alan Oikle RR.

Cat4 (4 racers)
Rob Lukacs RR/ITT, Mike Godfrey RR/ITT/TTT, Larry Welsh RR/??, Thomas Yip RR/ITT

Women (2 racers)
Marilyn RR/ITT, Kailee Boyle RR

Cat3 (7 racers, FULL TEAM !)
A-Train RR/ITT/TTT, Jason RR/ITT, Lachlan RR/ITT/TTT, Ben RR, Ryan RR, Keith RR/ITT/TTT, Stephen RR, Len Conlin ITT/TTT

Cat2 (6 racers!)
Trev RR/ITT/TTT, Dennis RR/ITT, Rod RR, Dallas RR/ITT, Kyle RR, Frank RR/ITT/TTT


Clarke E said...

I'll be there for both days.

Clarke Ellis, Cat 5, RR & ITT

Dennis said...

I'll be driving up Friday night and attending both events. I'm staying with my mom near WEM (yes I am originally from Edmonton...).

AAR said...

Aryeh Rosenberg, Cat 5 RR & ITT

Scott G-C said...

I am sorry to say that I am out for this one, someone put this race on Mother's Day. And that is a focus race for my wife.

And since I am trying to talk her into being my volunteer at the ST races, and since she shows me such great support all year round. I am happy to cheer her on during the Mother's day run.

So I hope you guys all have a great time at the race, and don't forget to call your mothers when you are done.

Darcy G said...

I'll be coming up Saturday morning for the RR, and plan to stay at the Motel 6 for the TT. Anyone need a roommate? I don't think I snore, but I don't have a wife, so I can't be exactly sure...

Darcy Gullacher, Cat 5 RR & ITT

Steve P said...

I'll be there for the RR - I hope to learn that it's OK not to try and lead the whole thing.

Steve Pickett, Cat 5, RR

Rob said...

Don't worry Steve, I won't let you.

Matt Mackay said...

Hey rob, i'm out too. i have to go to Alaska for work. 2 races in a row man!! this is rough. i will see you guys at the next one though.

Aimers said...

Unfortunately I am workin this weekend and cannot make it.

Carl Miiller said...

Make-em suffer team.

I can't make this weekend.


Jason said...

I'm in for the RR/ITT. Staying with my parents.

Cheers - Jason

Ben said...

Ben Adam, Cat 3, RR

Lockie said...

I'm not seeing a lot of hands up for the Team Time Trial...what's a team if it can't suffer together???

Anonymous said...

I'm only doing the RR, no TT for me.

Rod M.

Kyle Marcotte said...

I will be up for the RR but not the TT.

mgodfrey said...

Dude, I haven't been Cat 5 in over a year, I will be doing both RR & TT, would like to do both the ITT & the TTT.

Michael G

David said...

I'll be there for both RR and ITT (and TTT). Not sure yet where I am staying but it might be at a buddies place.

-David Morgantini Cat 5

Anonymous said...

I'll be there for the RR and TT's on Sunday (Sunday morning if its just me and Sunday afternoon too if we have a group together...)

Frank Woolstencroft, Cat 2, RR & ITT

RobLukacs said...

ahh what the hell, i'll do the TTT too, as long as old rob doesn't have to get back to calgary in a real hurry.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hoang, Cat 5, RR

Anyone with space going up in the morning and coming back that night?

Steve P said...

Turns out that I can make the ITT as well as the RR!

Darcy G said...

Still looking for someone to split the cost of a room. If you're interested, let me know by noon Wednesday.

Kyle Marcotte said...

FYI... I heard that the town of Josephburg was evacuated because of the fires outside Edmonton. I don't know what effect that this will have on the road race.

Tom K said...

I'm in for the road Ride! Got the green light from HQ today. I can't do the Sunday events without getting a divorse.


Tom K said...

I receieved and installed my new legs. Check out my photo. These should help considerably this weekend!

Mark said...

I am in for the RR. No ITT. See you there, no carpooling for me as I am heading up to the Edmonton area for the rest of the week.

Looking forward to some good Cat 5 strategy to dominate the race. Go ST ... whoo whoo!

Darcy G said...

A roommate has been located.


AlanO said...

I'm in for the RR on Saturday.

Relentless said...

Tom, Allan and I are coming up later Friday night staying at the Park Ave in Ft Sask. Unless young Rob is up plying his charm on the local girls we will see everyone for breakfast Saturday morning. If he's up I'll get some video, that would be interesting.

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