Monday, May 4, 2009


!! Well there ya have it folks, Trevor Williams, Top 'non-Olympian' at the Lethbridge Road Race!!. I'm getting suspicious of the werewolf like ability of this guy to grow facial hair ?... how much 'natural' testosterone does this guy really produce ?. Never mind 5 o'clock shadow, Trev looks like Wolverine's brother by 9am with thick chops he grew over night.
Is it true Trevor that you fathered 19 kids since you were 15 ?. Inquiring minds want to know.

The Hill Climb, yes, only 2km. I knew I could do it. Somehow I won ?. For first place I earned a hacking couch for the next 12 hours, and a gift certificate for a free chest cold that I cashed in today. Ughh. Speed Theory also takes 2nd position Podium, for a lead in the ABA Team Pionts Standings, Cat 1/2.

Mountain Bike XC. I'm surprised I didn't come out looking like Lockie. That was the 3rd ride on my newest Race bike, and had a 'new girlfriend first time' experience trying to get this thing up the hills, down the singletracks, and around the lapped riders. My seat kept slipping down in the collar and I stopped a few times to adjust it back .
The lowlite of the race was my amatuer pass of Deadgoat friend Devin Erfle on the only double track / steep downhill section. : I rolled right into the outside and neglected to call track ( wasn't feeling that confident ).. then Devin pulled right as well, just as I was there. We tangled bars and somehow he sacrificed for me and took the crash while I speed wobbled off to the right, twisting my seat in the collar. Devin was in a heap but I'm sure the rocks broke his fall as he was still vocal, so I knew I could keep racing. As I rounded the valley and looked across he was standing and I yelled an endearing "are you ok ".... "grumble grumble". Uh ?. No, I'm guessing he's not ok.
After the race I apologized sincerely, it was both our faults. But he was walking better than Lockie.

Road Race. After waking up sad, due to the Hawks beating my Team, I took my depression out on the hotel Breakfast buffet. Eating 3 plates to Marilyns, 1. Then we burned down to Magrath.

The Race starts, ' small field'. Lacking any H&R and 5-6 other A.B.A regulars. I pull a fools attack ASAP, not to test my fitness but to bolt ahead and let that bacon fart go I was holding in.
KM 10 I see The Wolfman Trev Williams Sastre and an ERTC kid go wailing by on the outside, it was exciting. Looking around this early in the event, nobody goes after them >? . I however know this is only a 116km race and any good time trialist could have his day here. Several of us in the Peleton had also raced the day before, IE: race Cody Canning, Roddi Lega, Erik Bakke, Rod M, myself and Trevor too. We're slow to warm up.
Around km 12, Craig Deboffle (Bow Cycle) and Shawn Adamson( Juventus) make a break. I must have been flossing or something but I totally missed that ?. I sat in, Rod sat in, and Trevor's chance of success was growing by the minute. I knew they couldn't catch them, not in this wind. At this time I knew ST was a part of a Top 5 for this day.

At the first turnaround, I attacked. Only ERTC rider Jon Wood was able to come after me, after a long effort he caught me on the downhill the fat bastard, and I'm 180 lb. ? \Well the guy must be born part MAVIC because he attached himself to my wheel like a Mexican parasite and I wasn't gonna shake him. We near the next turnaround double back on the course and Trevor and the ERTC kid have a great lead, about 6 minutes. In between in no man's land @ 2mins, is Deboffle and Adamson, they are my mission.
With my Giverator in Maximus, I T.T up to Deboffle and Adamson, ERTC wheel sucker takes about 1 pull the whole way, claiming, 'You're too strong, I can't pull through". I started to think he was hitting on me but I know Jon is married. Anyways I catch Craig and Shawn and they look like buzzard meat about this time. And with a short burst I pop Shawn on the KOM doubleback. Now it's 3 of us after the last turn around, the last 3 of Top 5.
I pull towards the Finish line and away from the chase. I'm sure I can get a Top 5 now if I can maintain it. Craig sucks wheel the whole way back, just to survive, but is the utmost sportsman and rolls neutral across the line behind me, while Jon Wood takes my sprint. I got 4th. ERTC owes ST some prize money...

Tips - Know your competition. Who are the Time Trial guys, who are the Sprinters ?. Who has big side burns and who has a pony tail ?.

- When one of your men is up the road, stay OFF the front, if you are on the front, ride nearly bloody neutral. Who cares if the break wins by 20 minutes if you have Team mate there. Win from the Chase pack if you have to for 5th or 6th. Remember Points go 10 to 12 deep in the ABA depending on the Race Category. Check your rule book.

- And, bring a BBQ to Magrath next time for some post race food.


Dan Sigouin said...


The bbq after the race is a damn good idea!

We'll have to organize the beef and beers for recovery meals.

Go Hawks!


DalRock said...

Go Canucks!
A.B.A. has results posted.

Anonymous said...

Results are goofy unless I hit a time warp black hole on the last section of the HC.

Darcy G said...

Gosh, I was even slower than I first thought...

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