Sunday, May 3, 2009

Midweek Mayhem

Midweek crit action starts this Tuesday at University Research Park.
Info and registration available online at


Thomas said...

Hey Keith, Will there be updates somewhere for race status based on weather forecast?

Tomorrow looks like it might rain, just not sure what the weather policy is.

DalRock said...

there should be a Facebook page setup with status and race type things.
Usually the call is made by 4pm... no late rthan 4:30.

alejandro H said...

does anyone know if midweek mayhem is still on tonight? not on face book..

Thomas said...

Nothing posted on Facebook yet.

I think the weather is passing through, should be a nice night to cough a lung.

Keith Bayly said...

Right now, at 5pm, if I had to guess. I'd say we are probably good to go. I'm pretty sure that this weather is blowing through and it will be a nice enough evening to race.

See you there.

Clarke E said...

From here:

"ALERT - Tonight's race cancelled... City has unexpectedly dug enormous hole in road. More later..."

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