Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tales from the Cat5 Skills Sessions

First off, many thanks to all the brave souls who attended last evening. It was a great mix of shoulder rubbing and pack dynamics. We finished with a sprint lead-out drill that was a mix of power and comedy as none other than our Rui Reis ripped his rear derailleur hanger right off his bike after a few serious pedal strokes. Rui, aka HeMan, was unavailable for comment this morning but that was likely due to his current gym workout of leg squatting 2 blue whales. And that's the warmup!

This evening's session is cancelled. While I was truly stoked to see everyone come out last night, it's going to be even colder tonight and I don't want anyone catching H1N1. We will convene thursday at Edworthy to work on hill pack techniques.

I must say, everyone rode extremely well last night and I can see that everyone is soaking up knowledge and skills from each other. That is fantastic so keep it up! Also, last night was my first real gig at pseudo-teaching so please post any feedback (positive and negative) in the comments.


Tom K said...

The session was excellent last night albeit frickin cold. The bumping and jostling was good for everyone. We should do more of that and slowly push up the speed and 'bump intensity'. I'd like to get more time with everyone 'riding a straight line'. Still a few wobblers out there including yours truly. Perhaps some practice shoulder checking, water bottle grabbing, and adjusting the "fella's" while holding a line.

Rob said...

Good points Tim, I'll work those into Thurs and the weekend ride.

alejandro H said...

Hey Rob, thanks for leading the group last night, and passing on some knowledge,much appreciated! I am excited that we are working as a team with a common goal, having fun and pushing ourselves!! Next time I'll wear my snowpants and fill my bottles with hot chocolate!

Clarke E said...

That was a lot of fun. I like the atmosphere of the team, plus everyone is as big a bike nerd as me! Why didn't I get into this racing business sooner?

What day do you think the weekend ride will be?

Andrew said...

can we do a nice Sunday ride..

I want to ride with the Team in our sexy kits..

(cant make Saturday until like after 5) got class :(

thanks for considering the Sunday
Andrew W

Clarke E said...

I'll put in a vote for Sunday as well.

Rob said...

Hey Guys,

I'm exploring options for the weekend ride, I'd like to have something that is close to the race length and profile (tricky to do) at pigeon. First up, we can cover some minor cornering concepts and then simulate the race for 60k.

I was going for Sat but I will see if I can juggle.

Andrew said...

this loop 22x & 37 Street S.W.
773 until 539 west and back

about 60km good hills and wind
good P.L simulation..
maybe Sat post rides..

Sunday we do a group Cat5 simulation like meet for 10 am just like racing???
just put it out there, oh captain my captanio :)

Darcy G said...

Hey guys,

I've been out of town the past couple of days, so unavailable for riding. Right now I'm booked for tomorrow night and out for Saturday, but might be available Sunday.


Rick C said...

I need to ride both days. Hoping for a hard group ride on Sat and an endurance ride on Sun.

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