Monday, May 11, 2009

have no fear

Don't be afraid of the name...Midweek Mayhem isn't really all Mayhem. The Crits have been going on for nearly 14 year now in Calgary. They're actually a part of cycling heritage in Calgary, like those in Victoria, U.B.C. in Vancouver, and Ottawa and other larger city centers. You could actually tour across Canada and do them like a series.

Anyways, I know we all like to go the races. So why not come out and check out the Crits?. I lived here for 6 years before I ever went, mainly because I just didn't know about them and was doing other group ride stuff on Tuesday's. But if you haven't ever come out you should. I only started Road Racing in 2004, and Crits have always been my weakest race... it takes practice.
Really it's no different than any other bike race, Prizes, volunteers, fun, cool Organizer guy :), and always a good way to get some fitness.
Also I've raced many Crits in the last 5 years and have never crashed. (It's a rumour that crits are dangerous). You don't need a Crit to crash do you ?...IE: last weekends road race ?. Criteriums are no different.

But what makes ours better is that the fields are smaller, we run A, B, and C Categories, and it's really is a great way to practice for the bigtime/ big field ABA RACES.
Crits are an exciting part of Road Racing and if you gain some talent, technique and strategy from them, you will only benefit. Remember that Time Trial Pionts only go so far before you need some 'mass start' pionts. So drop over sometime and volunteer as a Corner Marshall and check out the action... but bring your bike too.


Darcy G said...

Unfortunately, May 12's race is cancelled too. From the Twitter feed:

May 12 race CANCELLED. Construction should be finished this week, so we should be good to go next week (May 19). Keep checking for more info


DalRock said...

ya it's cancelled again for this week...

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