Monday, May 4, 2009

Bearspaw Crit

Those of us that missed out on the Lethbridge Party wound up in Calgary at the Bearspaw crit. Another fine event hosted by the good folks at Crankmasters that had excellent turnout and even better weather.

Speed Theory was well represented, RobW, Alle, Aryeh, Darryl, Steve, and one other gent (who I have shamefully forgotten the name of, please post a comment so I can correct this error and a million apologies in advance).

First off, these guys are effin fast. Darryl set a course record, Alejandro dropped everyone in the TTT like a bad habit, and Steve put the hurt on in the road race. Wicked, I am stoked to hit up a larger road race with you guys.

Thanks for coming out guys and thanks to Crankmasters.


alejandro H said...

It was good to meet a few more new faces and get the heart rate going! Shout out to the forgotten one Rick Courtney for hammering with me in the rr and letting me grab the win, if only by a tire!! Cheers Boys

Rick C said...

Yeah - that's right - I let you win. That's how I remember it too.

Now I feel better. But it was fun to work as a team and hold off everybody else, wasn't it?

Wish they would post the results.

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