Monday, May 11, 2009

Three Gritty Sandbaggers TTT Report

No one's mentioned the TTT yet, so I'll get the ball rolling...

Rob W., David M., and myself did it up Merckx style for the TTT yesterday. We had the great honour of starting one minute ahead of the H & R Block crew, who looked decidedly more pro than us. We set a torrid pace off the line, and managed to hold off the guys in green for about three solid kms. =) =) Rob and I traded pulls on the hills, and David was the man in the lead for the two long downhills back to the start. It was a great 40 kms of teamwork.

I'm waiting for Fast Frank's TTT report. It will probably come with an Explicit Language Warning, so send small children out of the room first... =) =) =)



David said...

Thanks to both Darcy and Rob for the ride it was both exhausting and alot of fun.

Rob said...

David, you're a freight train on the flats and descents. I was dying trying to hold your wheel.

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