Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coullee Cruiser

It was a fabulous day in Lethbridge. Some excellent climbing and some great suffering in the cross country.

Hill Climb
Cat 2's
Dallas took over all
Trev placed second

Cat 3
Locky placed 3rd
Alex was 1 second behind for fourth

Cat 5
Joel took second place
Yours trully placed 5th
The rest of the results will come later.

In the cross Country
Lockie took a beating and was leading the group for the majority of the race. Then, in good Lockie fashion crashed (Trevs bike). Apparently a good end over end, some minor blood and contusions to take second place. While Rod came in around 5th.

Thomas in the sport category came in around 6th.

Trev in Expert still suffering worked incredibly hard through the race to take seond place. He looks like hell but says he feels great. I think he's lying.

Dallas in Elite look cool through the whole race and took 4th in elite.

Dinner at Boston Pizza. We're in a huge B&B getting ready for tomorrows big road race.

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