Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great weekend for the club!

Well, the club sure represented well this weekend. Everyone got in some serious suffering (Stephen's favourite word) with either a brutal high intensity hill climb, or a relentless XC race inside an oven, or a crosswind filled rollerfest road race. Thanks to Phil Rayner for a great weekend. I didn't hear or see of any hiccups to anyone's race experience in terms of organization.

Personally, I had a super weekend. Something was clicking and I am happy it corresponded with a few races. The climax was today's road race....

...I've always thought it would be super cool to one day get good enough that after a race somewhere, sometime, a dude walks up and tells you he needs to follow you into the outhouse since they need to check to make sure you raced 'on your own'. My goal since I started athletics in 2000 was to one day be good enough that someone cared enough to check to ensure you were clean; to be in a race where the level was high enough that a drug tester was present would have even been good.

As the years have gone on, I have slowly come to the realization that maybe I should switch my goal to having coached someone who gets to the level where someone cares enough to drug test them :)  ...

...well today, was a great day for me, and I think I am pretty happy with the compromise. Today I was the sole dude in a breakaway with an amazing athlete who has been to numerous world class events, including the big show (Bejing). We broke away early in the race, and it was just me and him for about 95km. Trading pulls. Me and an Olympian !!  Sure. It may have been a training day for him. But just being able to be at the pointy end of a race with a dude who was riding a custom painted Cervelo with the Olympic rings that CERVELO GAVE TO HIM !! was nothing short of awesome. He decided my company wasn't to his liking on the last downhill crosswind and laid it down to drop me. However, I would like to think I kept him honest in the last 10km to the finish while we were mano-a-mano about 10-20seconds apart. Thanks Paul for making me think all the training was worth it!

I hope the other SpeedTheorists will pipe up with their stories of the weekend, but I wanted to share with you guys something that still has me smiling.



DalRock said...

awesome Trev!. You're a great leader and showed true grit this weekend!. Pleasure working with you/ for you :).

Speed Theory! Top Alberta Team for 2009.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Trev!! I had a great time this weekend and it was fun to hang out with the team in between races. I thought the race organization was really good, although being my first race I have nothing to compare it to. Today's race for me was pretty much an entire chapter of road racing called "Rookie Mistakes 101", which was frustrating but I guess to be expected. I was a little too excited and spent way too much time (30km?) in no-man's land and burning a few too many matches. All in all lots of fun and a few lessons learned. Can't wait for the next race. Congrats to Simon for winning and Thomas for 3rd in our race.


Clarke E said...

I had a lot of fun at the race today too. Congrats to Trev and to Simon and Thomas on their performances. I'm not sure how the other cats went since I had to zip back to Calgary after the cat 5 race was over.

My first race ever didn't exactly go ads planned when I went down at kilometer 16 (I actually ran over that kid...I hope he's ok) and had issues getting my bike into working condition. After that I basically time trialed for 45km trying to catch the pack. I ended up coming 16th I think, which I think is pretty good for having a banged up leg from the crash and losing more time than I should have. A big thanks goes to Andrew for pulling me up the last little part of the KOM when I was about to give up and call it a day, and then motivating me after the turnaround to try to catch everyone in front.

All in all I had a great time and I can't wait to complete a race with no crashes!

Scott G-C said...

Way to go Trev.

RobLukacs said...


I can say without a doubt that you gave it your all this weekend. You were struggle city at BP's Saturday night and I thought for sure you would be content with staying in the pack Sunday morning. But no no, you had to give it 110% and crush everyone. Awesome work!!!

And congrats to everyone else who raced this weekend, especially the first timers. The team looks great.

Clarke, if it was you that ran the ERTC guy over, you did a number on his face with your chainring. He looks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre got the best of him, but he'll be ok.

Clarke E said...

Man, that sucks. I don't think that was me with the chain ring though, I just hit him in the back with my front wheel and flipped over my handlebars, which I thought was bad enough for his back, but the face thing sounds pretty bad.

Thomas said...

Yeah Trev, you killed it this weekend!

Anonymous said...


Next race I'll watch you pee, won't be official but you will feel pro.
Seriously though, that was awesome to watch and can't even imagine the effort that you put out to pull that off.


Rod M.

Lockie said...

It's obvious why he tried to drop you in the last 10km...he took one look at your sprinter's quads!

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