Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lost Opportunities for Cat 5 and the Speed Theory Gals

Message to the Cat 5 team and the girls

I know that Saskatoon is a bit of a drive. You guys really missed a good opportunity to race though. The Bikes on Broadway race weekend is an excellent race. Tons of great volunteers and good courses. This would have been an excellent chance for you to try and put some of the skills that we are talking about into race situations.

The average age of the Cat 5 group from what I saw must have been about 18. You all could have completely controlled that race. There was only 12 girls that competed in the women's category. You would have lost to Tara, but hey, racing is racing!

Bikes on Broadway is an excellent chance for new riders to come in and get experience RACING. Not saying that it would be easy points for upgrading, but it could have been some easy, very easy points for some of you.

Think about it next year. Use that race as a launch pad for getting points and at least more racing experience. You can go into Pigeon Lake super motivated after you slap Team Saskatchewan all weekend.


Slayer Dan

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