Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday Race Simulation for Pigeon

When: 9:00am in Cochrane. Meet Here (LINK)
Where: Horse Creek Road (LINK) Will modify on the fly if needed, not sure I got this right.
Duration: 60ishKM

Plan: I will bring colored tape or something to break us into teams so we can work on tactics. We will try to ride the majority of the 60K at race pace. We should be wrapped up by 12pm at the latest, the goal will be to complete sooner. There is a small 10 minute ride to the 'start' that we can use to warm up.

Drop a comment if you're attending.

PS: The Cat5ers will be working on race sim, it is open to anyone but if you're a Cat 1-2-3 speedster you might have bunch of fiesty 5s boxing you in. ;-)


Rui said...

I'll be there

Anonymous said...

Aw heck, the closest ride to my gaff and I'm in Calgary working this Saturday morning! Have a good morning guys - if anyone is around Cochrane in the pm then I'll be out and about on Horse Creek and Grand Valley Rds... if anyone fancies and extra spin then let me know!

AlanO said...

I hope to but I'm still tentative. Have to get buy in.

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