Saturday, May 9, 2009

Velocity RR report

Great weather for some wicked racing in Edmonton today. In cat 1/2, Trev had another great showing with a 3 person break-away, and snagged 2nd in the final sprint with a throw across the line. Some great teamwork by the (other) guys in cat 3 saw Ben and Alex in a 4 person break-away, with Alex bringing it home for a 2nd place. Way to go, guys!

Some new faces in the womens and cat 5, great to see.


Dennis said...

Looking at the Cat 4 results... is my math wrong or does a 92 km race in 2:00 seem a little fast? (That's an average speed of 46 km/h). Compare that to the Cat 1/2 race of 138 km in 3:19 which had an average speed of 41.4 km/h.

I guess those Cat 4 guys are speed demons!!!

Thomas said...

Yeah my cpu shows about 2:33:54 for the cat4 race with an average speed of 36.8kph

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