Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blog Administration Update

Some news for all the faithful readers and participants of the Speed Theory Team blog. Anonymous posting has been . . . disabled. I suspect a common question might be why so I will entertain that thought, albeit briefly.
  1. The Greater Internet dickwad theory (see above)
  2. Douchebaggery can be practiced elsewhere. Most everyone's day-to-day lives must contend with this BS, I'd prefer my hobby was douche-free
  3. Don't write cheques your legs can't cash. You can't cash a cheque without a name and photo ID.
On the subject of trash talk. Trash talk is good but do remember to keep it real, there is a fine line between trash-talk and antagonizing. It is a fundamental goal of this club to promote cycling, racing and encourage people that are not racing/riding to get out. Any actions that hinder the achievement of this goal are against the core ideals of the team. Being a part of Speed Theory or any other ABA team is a privilege, treat it as such.

With that, wind 'em up, encourage and have a good time.


mgodfrey said...

Rob, Well said and brilliant theory, love it.

Michael G

Rod M said...

Uhhhh, I'm kind of a douche bag.
But I think most people knew that already.

Rob said...

You're no douche Rod, you have a license to heckle. Mainly cuz you're faster than the average bear. ;-)

Trev said...

No no Rob... Rod's kind of a douche bag.

Rod M said...

and I've been censoring myself, full douche bag has yet to be unleashed!

jared said...

And, Rod isn't faster than the average bear. Maybe the average panda bear.

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