Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mount Baldy Ride.

As I mentioned in a previous post before Penticton, I was hoping to sucker some dude into riding the Mount Baldy loop with me. I was delighted when I got back to the hotel from an easy ride to behind Summmerland with Jared, Tanya, and Ryan when Lachlan said he wanted to try it. We packed up, drove to Oliver, and went from about 300m to 1750m in about 37km. About 24 of that on gravel! Awesome. The climb is more of a staircase then a gradual ascent like Anarchist or Apex where there is no retreat... on this climb, you could find your bearing a bit between brutal seated gravel slopes. My phone (from which I was taking video) died on the gravel descent off Mount Baldy to behind Anarchist. We then climbed up to the summit of Anarchist from behind and decended into Osoyoos. We stopped there at Timmies for a chilli, then battled a headwind for the remaining 30km to the car. In all, a 120km with about 40km of climbing. Can't ask for much more than that !



Rob said...

That video is questionable, it sounds like Trev is breathing hard. I find that hard to believe . . . ;-)

Nice work guys, that looks super intense!

Cyrus said...

Most excellent video guys! I did that ride last July from Naramata to the top of Baldy and back; truly epic. Thought I was going to case it pretty good on the way back down on the gravel.
Any livestock get in your way? I had no idea where I was going but I will have to attempt this one more time by linking up to Anarchist.

Jason said...

"We're there!"

Awesome video guy's. I'm so jealous.

J to the W

Trev said...

Cyrus... we didn't even see any deer. I was hoping to see a Moose or something.. even a coyote... but nothing. The climb of the backside of Anarchist is actually pretty big... and it feels even bigger after doing Mount Baldy beforehand. Worth doing the loop.

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