Thursday, May 14, 2009

Riders On The Storm


Michael Godfrey and I are heading to Bikes On Broadway this weekend. I didn't hear much chatter this week about other riders are going. We are both super pumped to take the momentum you all are creating and dole out some pain in Saskatchewan. I'm riding high right now, I beat Alex in the C4 time trial. I'd like to hear more from him on it. He must have a good excuse. For me, its like the second biggest accomplishment EVER!

Michael has been texting me all week. His strategy is pretty sound. Basically, attack on every hill. Then surge on all the flats, then attack more. Sounds like a lot of work on my part trying to keep up the Irish Nightmare (hopefully he is Irish).

I will have relatives there to cheer us on, some of you have met my travelling Auntie from Fort St. John. I am hoping to hear some extra loud cowbell in my race. Cause you know, when Bruce asks for more cowbell, you gotta give him more cowbell!

Have a great long weekend everyone.

Slayer Dan


Jason said...

Good luck this weekend guys. Give'm hell!


Anonymous said...

But there are no hills, its Sask???

Jason B said...

I'll see you guys there. It looks like only 3 of us so far heading to BOB.
Jason B

A-Train said...


You see it was so warm out that I was severly dehydrated and started cramping. No wait, the sun was in my eyes, no no my chain broke.

Just kidding, you beat me fair and square. Good luck this weekend and tear it up.

Darcy G said...

Good luck,guys.


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