Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just a small movie from yesterday's training ride.

I think it is totally awesome that when I post a training interval ride and meeting, that 20 dudes (and one dudette) show up ! Our hard work will pay off. By maintaining the great momentum we have with team spirit and racing focus, we will force other clubs in Alberta to respond and the level of racing will increase for everyone. I am glad we are finally getting outside to meet each other. It was killing me having teammates I barely knew.

We will continue to focus our attention to our grassroots building of the team by maintaining a core group of experienced racers who can provide direction, motivation, and knowledge. Our prime directive (a little nerd talk for Matt) is to get people on their bikes, training smart, racing hard, and racing safely. Essentially, to encourage a healthy racing lifestyle.

We have 31+ St'ers about to decend upon the road race scene on Sat. That is awesome.
We have 4 registered TTT teams. One in every category. That is awesome.

Poor quality video, high quality team.

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Carson said...

damn! thats wicked... wish i was out there with you guys! Rip it up at the race!

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