Friday, May 15, 2009

Pigeon Lake Road Race Cat 5's

I know that Pigeon Lake is still two weeks away, but from what I'm hearing, it's the next race that a lot of people are going to.

After our poor tactics at Velocity, I'd like to get together with the cat 5's that are coming to Pigeon and talk/practice tactics so that we don't just pull people around all day again. I guess it's a little more obvious with a hilly course (ie. attack on hills), but it would be nice to be organized. Maybe we can even start our functional training groups?

If anyone knows of a good place to go that has similar hills to the Pigeon course where we can practice this, post it and maybe we can set something up soon. I'd be free this Sunday.



RobLukacs said...

I like that idea Clarke. I think the 4's should do the same...get together, brew up a strategy and maybe practice it beforehand.

Post something on the forum to arrange a night to get together. Early next week maybe?

Tom K said...

Clarke, good idea. I won't be at Pigeon but I'd like to work and practice our tactics.

AAR said...

I'm in, just let me know where and when.


jmeakin said...

I'm new to road racing and could really use the practice. Count me in.

Jay Meakin

Darcy G said...


Great idea. I'm not around Sunday, and I'm out of town Tuesday and Wednesday next week. However, if you guys figure out something, just let me know.


Scott G-C said...

I am good for Wednesday.

Maybe we could meet up and go somewhere on a not well used bike path or low volume road. This way we don't have to worry about cars while we practice.

Clarke E said...

I'm planning on racing every Wednesday in the Crankmasters WNS. So Wednesday doesn't really work for me.

I'm not a brilliant tactician or anything like that (in fact all I really know how to do is (try to) ride my bike fast). I only have two road races under my belt (in the first I crashed and then ITT'd for 45km and the 2nd was a dud). I wouldn't really be comfortable running this and coming up with any tactics. Is there anyone more experienced that is interested in running this?

Rob said...


I am interested in helping you and the other newer racers. I am out of town this weekend.

I do believe we're putting the cart before the horse. We need everyone comfy with their bike handling before we get too focused on tactics. Tactics require fluidity within the pack.

My approach, if anyone is interested, would be to work on technical skills next week, then heading into the weekend we can work on tactics on a longer ride.

Locations for technical riding are tricky but Retreat road (some rollers), the road to bearspaw dam (flat), Edworthy(a hill)* are decent but I'm questing for a short loop with a large number of turns. Cornering is a vital skill we all must have for RR and crits. The next Cat5 that cuts a corner in front of me will be subjected to some verbal abuse.

I am open to suggestions on a turn filled course. I will post a series of training rides for next week and weekend by monday.

* we need to be careful on this hill, lots of cars and lots of riders don't mix well.

Scott G-C said...

We could do a short little loop like this to work on tactics and skills.

Clarke E said...

Sounds like a plan Rob, thanks for the post.

Is that really a low traffic area Scott? If so, it looks like a nice little loop in a convenient place.

Rob said...

Thanks Scott, we can use that for sure.

Brent said...

FYI, that maybe the loop ;)that is going to be used for the road course portion of Bow's Tour du Bowness. We have yet to decide the mileage for each of the categories, but you did not hear this from me ;)

Rob said...

Hello! Can you say RECON! Thanks Brent.

midweek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midweek said...

Hey guys - Yes, that loop is the RR stage of the Tour de Bowness this year (Monday, August 3).

As the director of the RR there, and having done a lot of legwork to get permits for this course this year and last year I would respectfully ask that if you're going to use this route PLEASE be considerate of the local residents and the golf course.

It's a great race course and training loop, but I would hate to see us run into problems getting permits as a result of residents getting pissed off at large packs of cyclists using the loop for race simulation. Please keep in mind that this is a somewhat narrow twisty residential road with a fair bit of pedestrian traffic on the street as there are no sidewalks. There's high potential for "piss-offage" out there... Please keep it in mind if you're out there.

Don't forget that the Tuesday night Midweek Mayhem races are specifically designed to provide the training and tactical development opportunities that you guys are talking about.

Thanks guys! Great to see Speed Theory trying to raise the bar like this. Good on all of ya!

cheers | noel.

(Btw, I deleted my previous comment as I think I was maybe sticking my nose into something that was none o' my biznass and I'd hate to have to apologize. As Keith pointed out, apologizing on forums sucks!)

Rob said...

Hey Noel,

Thanks for the heads up. I think, for the time being, we will avoid that loop for training. Speed Theory is not going to put a class act race in jeopardy especially this early in the season.

I'll let you know if/when we do head out there in case there are any issues so we can be held accountable.


AlanO said...

Good idea Clarke. I'm keen.Rob if your still interested in leading us, is there another route and a day this week that would work?

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