Sunday, May 10, 2009

I had fun during the CAT 3 race and my only complaint is I wish it was a lap longer or they need to throw in a few hills. A few observations: The team worked well together, there were seven of us and with few exceptions Speed Theory was attacking at the front. Ryan and Keith did a great job at getting away for almost an entire lap eventually coming back to the group. It was a very difficult course to try and get away, after Alex and Ben attack Alex commented that “there were going to be no black and red jerseys getting away today”, oh the young have no faith. Alex then proceeded to move to the front and try and pull the group around the course, this tactic was quickly corrected and we saw very little of Alex and Ben until the fourth lap. Then the peloton saw them in a big way, more on that later. Keith, Ryan, Jason and I launched attacks which the peloton would feel later and Lockie as per plan stayed off the front and out of the wind.
In the Fourth lap Alex did a text book attack from the back of the pack, on the inside, and by the time he hit the lead riders he was hitting the sound barrier, one massive attack. A young ERTC rider and the eventual 1st place finisher went after him and eventually bridged up. What was as impressive was Ben Adam’s decision to bridge up after it looked like the break was made. It was a big bridge and a true testament to his focus and fitness that he made it up and was still able to help Alex for the balance of the race. Ben later blew up and probably could have run across the line faster than he rode.
After we tuned up one of the ERTC guys who was intent on helping pull the Peloton up to the lead group Speed Theory and ERTC tried to control the front. Lockie was still locked and loaded in case the peloton caught the group but it soon became obvious that there were too few riders willing to get organized to chase. Hats off to the junior riders from the Oval who helped with this and put in big efforts, they came to race. Keith’s experience throughout the race was invaluable. He was aggressive and communicative. He eventually pulled up beside me and told me he had done everything he could do and that I had to keep Lockie up front, out of the wind and lead him out for the pack finish. I endeavored to do this and eventually lead the pack down the home stretch, the pack swarmed around me near the finish, something I’m very familiar with; unfortunately Lockie was not on my wheel but dealing with not crashing into a ditch.
We were very happy about Alex’s finish; it was good to see him happy.

Lastly it would be good if those involved in any crashes checked in on the Blog to let us know how you (and your bikes) are doing. Don’t worry most of us have been there, we are concerned teammates and just want to know how you’re doing.

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Thomas said...

Sweet video and race report Stephen! Thanks for shooting, editing and posting it.

Kailee said...

The video looks great! Thanks for the warm welcome into the club. Both bike and rider are fine post-crash! hope to see you all soon!


alejandro H said...

Was unable to make the race, but the video helped ease the pain! Great work, keep it up! Cheers

Darcy G said...

Killer video, Steve. I'll work on developing a little bass in my voice for Pigeon Lake. =) =)

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