Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another report

Lethbridge road race this morning. Great job, Trev! Woo!

I had a fun mountain bike race on Saturday (thanks for lending the bike, Trev), mixing it with numerous cat 2 & 3's (much to the chagrin of the rest of the field). First MTB race, second time on single track ever. Was feeling fantastic for the first 500 metres of uphill before the hurt set in (similar to my road race today). For the downhill, I know from other sports my usual style is to push it 'til I fall, then ease back...and repeat (watching me skiing must be amusing), I tried to hold back a bit on the death-defying front, but near the end I wanted to make up time and let loose. Having a 25 pound bike break-dance on my spine as I slide down a hill at high speed is not something I wish to repeat soon - but it was super fun overall, and I'll be back. I knew I looked as bad as I felt when, as soon as I finished, Trev said "wow, tough ride? I have to take a picture of your face".

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