Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cat 5 Skills Training

Hello Team,

I have presently broken the forum and will move this post as soon as I fix it. Cat 5s (and anyone else interested) will be going on a skills training binge this week. The first session is this evening.

Where: Bearspaw Dam Road
Time: 6:30pm
Duration: 1-1.5 hours (dependent on weather)
Focus: Pack riding, sprint leadouts.

This is a straight road with no turns, we will focus on riding shoulder to shoulder in some simple pack drills and work on how to navigate through through the crowd. Then we will work on sprint lead outs which will be vital at Pigeon and other races.

Check the forum, these will be in there shortly:
Wednesday: Corners and Rollers (likely retreat road)
Thursday: Edworthy for some climbing pace line prep.

On the weekend we will run a race simulation, location is TBA. Heading into next week we will use the crits and C4 WNS as prep and then race. There will be a team meeting for all cat5s heading to pigeon next week as well. I'll sort that out as soon as I can.

Points of order:
These skills rides aren't going to be about fitness, they are focused on skills. I know these sessions conflict with the Tues Crits, and the C4 WNS. This will be the only week where they conflict. Once we complete this weeks sessions, all technical development will move to the crits and the C4 WNS. These rides will go regardless of the weather. I will not drag everyone out for 4 hours if its snowing but if we suffer together we will succeed together. We might be racing in some ugly weather so let's build an advantage.


Tom K said...

I'm in.

Clarke E said...

I'm in for Wednesday at least.

As for tonight, I offered to volunteer at Midweek Mayhem, just need to see if I'm needed. If not, I'll be there tonight too.

Andy H said...

I am in for this week however I am leaving for Ottawa Sunday morning returning late Wedenesday evening.

Scott G-C said...

Can't tonight, maybe Wednesday.

Andy H said...

I will be riding to Bearspaw Dam tonight. If you want to ride together I will be at the Memorial Drive Extreme Bean at 5:50.

Clarke E said...

I might meet you there Andy. But if I'm not there at 5:50, take off without me.

alejandro H said...

Hey Andy I will meet you at extreme bean on Memorial dr. to ride out to bearspaw dam at 5:50. Cheers

Rui said...

Mr. Hill, I will see you at the Bean.

RobLukacs said...


I thought you died.....

Scott G-C said...

Rui did die.... on the ride this weekend....burn.

Oh wait I also died on the ride before Rui did.

AlanO said...

I should be there tonight. Look forward to it.

Josh said...

Sprint leadouts don't help if someone has 4 minutes on the peloton

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