Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday's ride in Penticton.

I am PUMPED !!

Course !  190km !!

Elevation Profile: The last climb is Apex Mountain right to the ski lifts ! KOM points awarded.  ...  it's on !!

Also, the Mount Baldy ride  (link herelooks relatively clear. So an assault on that peak may be doable. It is only about 35km of gravel so not that bad. I have done it twice and it is an awesome climb. Maybe we'll have an optional ride up there one day? I have a feeling I will get voted down, but I can try :)

Here is Tuesday's USA ride. A reminder to BRING YOUR PASSPORT !!


Cyrus said...

Did this ride a couple weeks back and destroyed myself on Green Mountain Road. Watch out for the gravel on the descent off Apex; the road was covered. Still lots of snow up there too.

Would love to join you guys but I'll be racing in WA.

Trev said...

So the decent off Apex should be a good spot to drop Frank :)

I have a feeling we will all be tucked in behind Dallas up to Apex. He is a freight train right now ramping for RAAW.

Thanks for the warning Cyrus. Will you be back later in the week? I want to do Mt. Baldy again and it would be awesome to have you out.

Cyrus said...

I'm going to try to meet up with you guys for your assault on Giants Head on Monday; might be a bit burnt from the weekend, but so will you guys ;)

David said...

Have fun gents. Bring warmish clothing for the decent from Apex. It's a long one.

Anonymous said...

682km in 4 days, sounds great:(

Anonymous said...

I feel like it's Christmas Eve. I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Ryan M.

polishbaba said...

Apex was not completely clear last week.

Also, there is a road off 97 called Seacrest road on the way to Oliver. It is a nice little warm-up hill for Baldy and Anarchist.

Have fun all.


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