Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Race the Ring 30km ITT

Our event is 'live' on the right hand side of your screen. 
Day licenses are FREE for this event. Therefore... tell your non-ABA friends to get out and race !



Anonymous said...

Damn it, I was rick rolled!

Tom K said...

This really looks like a professionally done premier event! Looks great!

Scott G-C said...

Can't wait for this race.

DalRock said...

I just wanna say I'm really proud of the Team for offering FREE reg. for Citizens. Very very classy.

And what a way to set an example in the continuing trend of bilking money from families and people who just want to live an active lifestyle, without going broke.

'Fancy' Bikes are expensive enough as it is, and you just never see anybody at the races anymore with the Canadian Tire specials.

No wonder the big fundraiser events are so popular with the Casual Joes and Jolenes.

Long live the Citizen Cat!!

BikingBakke said...

congrats to getting this set up... very promising event.

I'll be pedalling overseas, but hopefully the turnout is fantastic!

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