Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Possible Race for those not doing Lethbridge

The Crankies do a race on May 3rd, that might be a good one for some of our newer team members, or anyone that is not planning on going down to Lethbridge. I did this one many years ago, it is a fun race, not too taxing.

It is called the Bearspaw Crit, it is basically 3 races in one:

First race is a 1 lap individual time trial. Each rider is started independently and rides solo and the elapsed time is recorded at the finish line.

Second race is a 1 lap team time trial. Teams will be made up by organizers using a fair system based on riders ITT results. The team size will be determined at the event but will be made up of either 4, 5 or 6 riders at the most. This is a great time for the experienced team members to share knowledge and expertise and rookies to feel the thrill of being coached, coddled and comforted by their fellow team members as they ride in close formation. The last rider's time will be used unless there is a mechanical failure then the last of the remaining riders time will be used.

The third and final race is a series of road races. Here riders will be able to put their final effort and new found racing acumen to the test. Each race will consist of only 5 to 8 riders to help ensure safety and will be comprised of riders with similar ITT times. Each rider will be carrying the colours of their team they rode with during the TTT. This is sure to bring the cheering to a rising crescendo as the finish line is approached. The last of the races will have the clubs' best riders strutting their speed and finish line punch.

This is a great race for anyone, who is maybe a bit intimidated by racing, particularly at the ABA level. It is an fun/easy entry level event that our friends at Crankmasters put on. It is always great to support our fellow teams and the races they put on.


alejandro H said...

Would love to race this weekend but cant make Lethbridge. Anybody going to race this one?

Rick C said...

I am planning to show up.

Steve P said...

Turns out that i'll be able to come to this one

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