Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's hear them...

.. we need a cool name for our June 6th ITT.  It will be around 25 - 40km. We have an application in right now to do the ITT on the complete but not open portion of Stoney Trail in the north. That would be super cool. If that fails, we will do it on Retreat Road like last year.

It would be neat to have a 'theme', like pain or suffering (Stephen's favourite). Maybe in the future we can incorporate this theme into the prizes. Kinda of like the Paris-Roubaix gives a trophy that is a cobblestone, I always thought that was cool.

How about a $25 gift certificate to ST for the coolest name. Post them in the comments, and we'll vote on them by the end of this week.



Carson said...

"Speed Theory 25 - 40km Time Trial"

Weeeee i hope i win! :-)

Wish i could be there to race it.

Dan Sigouin said...

Here are my cool name suggestions

"Stoney Trail Grand Prix"

"Lochend Road Suffer Fest"

It was hard to get a Star Wars reference in there.


Trev said...

SpeedTheory Cycling's 'Shaved like a StormTrooper' ITT

There you go Dan.

Anonymous said...

The Creepy Porn Stash TT brought to you by Speed Theory.

Each Cat has an award for best Stash.(womens prizes are double)

Rod M.

Lockie said...

Since it's the last TT of spring, how about the

Speed Theory King of Spring ITT

Done. With the $25 I assume I've won, I'd like a jersey repair kit and a Speed Theory water bottle.

Thomas said...

"Beyond Thunderdome"
"Two men enter, one man leave"

Thomas said...

As extension to Rod M's idea:

"The Zabriskie ITT"

Anonymous said...

Break a deal, face the wheel!

polishbaba said...

Cowtown ripper


Anonymous said...

"Speed Theory's Nails 'N Action 25-40 Km Time Trial"

Nails 'N Action TT Trophy:
[can have one for each catagory]

(winner hammers the Nail into the wood plank- front face of the wood could/should have Speed Theory Logo)- good photo opt/promo ;)
each year a new nail is "hammered" into the Trophy (to build on the tradition , e.g. like the Stanley Cup with its layers) by the Hammer Head/winner

Rob said...

Speed Theory Presents:
Ring Road of Pain ITT

Anonymous said...

Well.. whats the winning name?

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