Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ironman 70.3 - Oceonside

Nice work by Lisa in California today. Looks like she had an awesome swim and quick legs on the run! 6th place finish!

6 MENSINK, LISA 4/10/6 32/WPRO 00:24:12 02:42:30 01:21:20 04:32:17


Chewy said...

1) I'm glad the fastest swimmer of the day didn't win the race! There is still hope for the rest of us non-swimmers.

2) Did anyone notice how many Albertans (Paul T., Lisa, Angie, Cal, etC) were at the race?!
Out of 56 Canadians, 26 from AB, 15 from BC, and 7 from ON.

3) Notice how many Olympic/ITU pros are showing up on the 70.3 scene (Paul T. of Edm, Big Matt Reed, Sarah Groff, Lisa, Will Clarke?!, etc).

Anonymous said...

Is 'Oceonside' a new 70.3 race?

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