Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lockie's new TT bike

The rumor mill over the winter was all a buzz with talk of a TT bike for Lockie, a stakeout took place and a picture was obtained during a lapse in security.

Please note the triple chain ring and what I can only assume is a wing to keep the back wheel from leaving the ground.

Edit: This could also be Keith's bike, my files are not organized.
I have added a picture of my TT bike. Note the mirror, when Lockie is trying to catch me I can release the bungie cord defence mechanism and if that does not work I will blind him with my dual reflectors.


Anonymous said...

That is almost as funny as the people I see riding along the pathways on mtn bikes with aero bars!

Thomas said...

Man, Lockies TT bike is similar to this climbing rig:


Rod M said...

World's Greatest Madone

Scott G-C said...

The best part about that climbing bike is the lock.

Lockie said...

That's right...I was told that the only reason for my lack-lustre finishes last year was my equipment, so I got a new rig.

Oh, Rod, that's not a wing, that's a seat I can use to give you a lift when I pass you.

Rod M said...


You know I prefer to sit on the bars.

Fausto said...

The best part is he put his name on it! Bart Kaufman forever!

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