Saturday, April 11, 2009

Women Riders... and the boys too!

I wanted to see who amongst the women are interested in doing group rides. I am thinking Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. If you are interested please leave a comment. I would like to also open this up to the guys and think it would be great if we got a couple of packs to support and push each other.

I am away next weekend (and May 2 to 10) but would like to start rides on the week of April 20th on a regular schedule. My thought is to do 60 to 80km on Thursdays and 100km to 180km rides on Saturdays. Also, Crits start on May 5 on Tuesday nights at the University of Calgary Research Park. I plan on doing these and think they are lots of fun. They started a "C" category last year and it is a great place to get introduced to Crit riding.

Rides would be from the Westside.



Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra I would love to do female group rides, I am super new to this so am definitely in the beginner category but should be able to keep up, or try to anyways. I work shift work so wont be able to make all of them but will do my best!

RobWoolley said...

Hey Sandra, I met with a new potential team member today. I think Marilyn would be pretty stoked on this idea. Rock on!

Amanda said...


I'm happy to see some girls getting together! I'm pretty new as well, but I'll be there for sure! I'll be going on the rides Harley posted for Sunday and Monday as well, hopefully a few ladies will be showing up for that! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Count me in.


David said...

Where are you starting from on Thursday?

I'll probably be in.

Anonymous said...


I would be interested in going the Thursday night group.


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