Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cat 5 ride comes apart

The Cat 5 ride held together for the first 45 K or so then the wheels fell off. AFter some good pace line practice we all made it into Cochrane without incident. The climb out of Cochrane spread the group out significantly. Trev, myself and four others went passed the planned turn off. Two of whom missed the next turn off wherein Trev and some other fast guy went to chase them down. Two of us lowley Cat 5 guys waited for what seemed a very long time. When I began to shiver we continued on assuming we'd be rolled up before long. We worked hard together pushing the south wind (had to make those Cat 2 guys work you know). I flatted going up the big hill out of Cochrane and assumed we be rolled up easily now. We continued to mash as best we can on our hamburger legs. Some serious suffering and lack fuel started to take it's toll. When we turned on to Spring Bank Road we could smell the barn, the legs were losing steam but we continued to put on the juice all the way to the Second Cup. We sat outside and had a fabulous cheese burger waiting in the fast guys... who never showed up (need to rub that in a little more as it's unlikely I'll be able to do it again).

That's my story. Don't know what other stories were out there.



Trev said...

Tom, did you and Rick go down Horse Creek Rd. when you took off or down Grand Valley?? We caught up to Andrew and Ally and brought them back and hit it pretty good down Horse Creek and never even saw a hint of you guys. We figured you may have went down Grand Valley, or were saving something in reserve to kill us if you got your chance :)

Tom K said...

Yes, we headed west then south on Horse Creek Road. It winds back and forth before East/South heading down to the 1A. You're making my head swell! Then again,you did 160km yesterday while I was lounging about eating girl guide cookies.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you this. Tomorrow will be an easy day.

Anonymous said...

That would be RickC.

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