Sunday, April 26, 2009

Training Statistics


I just completed some research dealing with cycling in Alberta and weather statistics. There are some interesting numbers that we should all be aware of. These numbers may adjust your thinking when you schedule your next VO2 max test.

In May, we can expect an average of another 9.7cm of snow. I am really looking forward to that. I find the snow really keeps the f**king dust down on my street.

If it is not snowing, we can expect the following rain totals in mm. for the months of May - 51.4, June - 79.8, July - 67.9 and August - 58.7. I like rain. Its better when you can never dry your riding shoes. The kids also like this because they don't have to look far for weird science projects. Lets just get the expanding mold out of daddies riding shoes! I remember the year of the Fish creek floods, I had 26 training rides in June, I got poured on during 23 of them.

We average 113 days of measurable precipitation. This year will affect the record books though. Everyday has had measurable precipitation and its f**king snow! We have about 252 days with no precipitation. The real pearl here is that those days will occur from October through December and in February. The maximum temperature during those months is below 0. That stinks worse then an outhouse at an asparagus festival! 

We get 5 months per year where the average temperature is above 0. The average of those 5 months we be 10.88 degrees. Lame.

So the next time you look at scheduling your next VO2 max test, give Westjet a quick check and see if there are any flights available.

Slayer Dan

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Great stats, good research.

Do you think Sven Tuft would agree?

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