Friday, April 10, 2009


To Alex, Trev, Rod, Thomas, Mike, Rob and Mark for making it out to the ride in the south today.
It was good to finally ride with some of the team.

I'm really impressed with Mark's effort and spirit, Rob's sprinting and the strong steady riding of Mike and Thomas.

The best thing any Cat 4/5 racer can do is ride with more experienced riders. In no time at all, you'll be the ones pushing the pace.

Next time though, we'll keep the pace a little more reasonable in the first hour so not to force Mark not to dig so deep so early. Holy crap man, you've got good suffer!


Mark said...

No worries Keith, it was a good ride even if I was out of my league.

Thanks for the pushes ... both mentally and physically. ;)

Thomas said...

Yeah awesome route. That was a great way to spend the day off work.

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