Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Spirit Of Volunteering


It is great to see the interest in the team and how many new riders there are sporting the red and black race colors. To go from 30 riders to over 80 is amazing growth. 

To sustain this type of growth takes considerable effort and time to manage, create posts, organize and plan. It is critical to the success of the team that we all look into ourselves and our volunteer spirit to help in any way we can.

Top 5 Reasons Why I volunteer:
1. Opportunity to do something different. I remember being asked to be a lifeguard for a fringe event that had never been done before in the Cranbrook area. The event was the Wasa Triathlon. I was one of the lifeguards in the inaugural event. Trev was a wee lad then, so cute with these little curls in his hair.
2. Pay my dues. It takes countless hours to put on a good event. By helping, I can support someone who may have a newborn at home. The favor will be returned when I may need assistance.
3. Dependability. It is very satisfying to know that you completed something that everyone depends on. Building start ramps, moving start ramps, placing sign posts, smashing your fingers with a hammer putting up Powerbar signs. It has to happen.
4. Teambuilding. After all that work, you would have never thought a hamburger tasted better!
5. Responsibility. As a member of the team, I signed on to what ever the team needs help with. I have a van that can be used to pull a trailer and I have a strong back that can lift heavy things. I owe it to the success of the team.

Top 5 Reasons that You Should Volunteer
1. Your name isn't Tom Boonen, you just don't show up and ride.
2. Realism. There is 80 guys on the team now. That means we have access to around 80 spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends. Share them.
3. Trev can't do everything.
4. If the team is growing, it needs support. Volunteer support. That means you support.
5. The main reason, because I said so.

If you want more examples of the volunteer spirit, the Brier was just here. Tons of volunteers. Ironman Canada is noted to have to the best volunteers for any race, some of the volunteers were there for the very first race.

It is important that we all do our part and it is time for us all to step it up. If you haven't committed to helping out yourself, or providing someone, it would now be the time to start taking resumes as a personal assistant. 

If you think I am going off on a rant, I have already organized the utility trailer I need to pull all the large sign posts out, I need to get them located and ready. I need to get the start ramp put together and moved into place for the start. Then I have to move the posts off the course and take the start ramp down and get all of it back to Calgary. In between all of that, I am supposed to unleash hell on the course. And don't think for a second I don't have to balance that with my daughters dance competitions, my son's spring hockey and wife's schedule.

Provide your comments and make sure that sign up for something.

Slayer Dan


Bruce said...

Trev, count me in

RobLukacs said...

Git 'er done!!!!

I'm available to help whenever you guys need it.

Thomas said...

Thanks for your post Dan and thanks to those who have signed up already. These races are destined to be the best of the year.

We still have 9 spots to fill to meet the minimum 17 we require to make this event run smooth like Crisco oil.

P.S. Rob L. we already put you in Dan's crew weeks ago ;)

Rui said...

I'm available to help prior, during, and after the event. If I am racing, I will have a volunteer for the event.

RobLukacs said...

Yeah I heard, I just want to make sure I'm not the guy who isn't doing any work for the setup. So if you do need anything else just ask.

Anonymous said...

Kyla and Baby J are in!!

Ryan M.

Matt Mackay said...

dido to me as well. i'm a good helper. in whatever way i can be. Lyndsay is in too she just doesn't like checking the blog...

Rob said...


I will be back in town Friday night. I have my truck now so let me know how I can help. (racing the event is iffy, I may just limp through the event if needed)


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