Friday, April 24, 2009

Cat 5 Training Groups/Aerobic Power 2up TTT

Hi, just wondering if we are thinking of putting those Cat 5 functional training groups together based on the Crankmaster ITT or if we are going to wait until we have more results in for more people.

Also, I was wondering whether these groups would affect who you are paired with in a 2up TTT (such as the upcoming Aerobic Power TTT) or in a full TTT.

Sorry if I'm pushing the issue a bit, I'm just pumped about getting out on the bike and meeting people that share my love of cycling.


Trev said...

Clarke, the answer is definitely. However, to be honest, the weather is really screwing up a lot of plans. I am glad we got in that Crit session.

For the Velocity 2up ITT, I think we'll have to figure that out soon. I'll make a post about it soon, I am just swamped right now with getting the clothing order together so I can send it out by Monday. But I will get something together soon.

Also, we have a BBQ almost planned for a date, so hopefully we'll get to know a lot of people at that. However, I don't want a BBQ outside in the snow and -5 degrees :(


Thomas said...

Technical Guide is available:

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