Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scouting for future ST stars in Paris

I was in Paris this past weekend visiting my parents, and my sister and her two-month-old twin nieces...so far I'm impressed by the size of their quads, but I told them I think they need to do more cycling-specific training.

But don't think that I was slacking off...I rented a bike every day, and clocked a hundred and something k's on some sweet French roads. I competed in the inaugural Holmes Paris-Fontainbleau, winning by 45 minutes after my breakaway at kilometre 20 devestated the (two-person) peleton. Mr Holmes Sr was picked up by the broom wagon, and so did not contest the sprints on the Champs Elysees the following day.

I'm thinking I'll skip the rear disc wheel for the TT bike, in favour of the super-fast Velib Aero Fairing, which a French guy told me would save me 23 minutes off my 40km ITT - check it:

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Tom K said...

It looks like theres a motor on that bike! 150km on a vespa; you must be exhuasted.

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