Saturday, April 11, 2009

A version of the Cat5 ride from a tail-gunner

I was holding the esteemed position of lead tail-gunner as the last 6 of us got to Big Hill Springs Rd. Not seeing anyone anywhere from this great vantage point (ehem...I think I remember something about waiting at the top of hills?) we had a general feeling that the route turned here, so we went west. Were making some good time, due to non-stop attacks from spritely cat5's, when David blew his chain from TOO MUCH POWA!! He got a bit rashed up but was otherwise fine. Shorts got a bit of a job done on them, but I think they'll be out again. (Someone else that has tested the durability of the new kit was...unavailable for comment).

The guys in our group must have been riding their bike tons in the off-season, because half the bikes needed the mechanic's attention when we limped in to Cochrane. If you don't see me on the road for a while, I've dismantled my bike for cleaning and maintenance, and I can't figure out how to put it back together.

Good riding, guys. Solid workout.

And now some picks of poor David. Mark avoided a similar fate when he was able to tame his bucking bronco after he unclipped mid-attack later that afternoon.



Anonymous said...

It always tears my heart out when a good pair of shorts gets ripped up like that.

Tom K said...

Yoiks! I missed some good action!.
Yes, we were going to wait at the top of the hill. I blame myself for not doing what was planned. Ok, I really blame Trev ..."just 10K, they'll catch up at the turn". Next time we'll stay on track, sorry about that.

Trev said...

Yah, I looked at the proposed route once we got home and realized I taken Tom, Rick, Ally, and Andrew accidentally about an extra 20km - 25km. I guess once the smoke has cleared they will thank me for the extra training they got in :)

Andrew said...

yes BIG thanx for the xtra...

it went something like this..

we (ali & I) tried to stay on the wheel of Tom, Trev, Rick

no luck , gap forms, we try to bridge gap sharing pulls with tunnel vision, actually closed eyes from the pulling... we missed the turn off.. thankfully Trev met us...
slept like a baby :) thnax for the great day :)

David said...

What you see in the picture is actually the minor part of the damage. My thigh is road rashed pretty bad and I have bruising pretty much up the thigh.

Still a good ride and we did get the full 100k in, so it was all good. Going to buy a new chain tomorrow. Thinking something like a this:

Anonymous said...

As Phil Liggett would say, you’ve soiled your ‘maillot rouge’

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