Thursday, April 9, 2009

2009 Race Kit Feedback


I had to pick up my jersey early as I am playing the role of CAD Jedi master tonight. All I can say is AWESOME, RADICAL, FANTASTIC, MEGARAD, COOL.

I am no graphics guy, we must have the coolest race kit in the province, hands down.

"Chapeau" to all that were involved in the design.


Slayer Dan 


David said...

Agreed. Very nice kit. Thanks guys!

mgodfrey said...

The gear is terrific, really like the bid shorts, very comfy and the full zip tops will be great on hot summer days!

Anonymous said...

This is the fastest I have ever looked.


Darcy G said...

It's an awesome kit. Big thanks to Trev, Thomas, Shop Darcy, and anyone else who put it together.

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