Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lethbridge Coulee

Hey everyone,

I talked to Phil Rayner, organizer of this year's Lethbridge Coulee race, and he wanted me to mention a few things to the team (since the entire Cat 5 lineup is from Speed Theory).

First, the price of the Hill Climb on Saturday has been reduced from $20 to $10. Score!
In no way, however, does that entice me to want to do it now. But for all of you who are, you'll get a hefty $10 refund at some point in the weekend.

Second, the race entry was to be sent in by mail for the sole purpose that being the time of year of unpredictable weather, last minute cancellations would be easier to fix by tearing up a cheque than refunding through Karelo.

Finally, the route for the RR is not going to be the easiest. You can read this on the race info page, but just to reiterate, it's full of hills, hills and more hills. The way out is a long 1-2% grade uphill for about 40km. At the 20km mark there is a 3-5% grade KOM climb about 2.5km long, so this should start to create a gap in the pack and separate the "vertically challenged" (me). After this first pain fest, right before the turn around, is another 3km KOM that is a bit steeper than the first...that will spread the pack out like nutella on a bagel. Oh, and did I mention this is typically into a headwind?? But look at the bright side, this means coming back in we're all going to be going 103km/h down the hills and holding a solid 80km/h on the flatter sections.

I've booked a room at the Travelodge (I think Thomas did too) so if anyone else wants to be cool like us you should stay there.


Thomas said...

So the Cat 5 Race is a "Speed Theory Social" ride?...Sweet, espresso at km 40 anyone?

The travel lodge offers AMA discounts too if you are a member.

Andrew said...

quick question(s)

1-what time does the race start/ sign in? ( I think I'll drive down Sunday morning, unless some1 has a room availble)

2-Cat 5 RR all Speedtheory??

3- IF 2 is a yes, winner buys the champagne for next race ;)

Dallas said...

If Simon is in the Cat 5 that day... it's not going to be a coffee ride I'll tell you that much.
more like a saliva and vom ride.

good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

Thats anywhere from 565-1075m in elevation gain, I don't believe you!
This is Lethbridge, it won't even be windy, you're just trying to scare everyone.

Rod M.

Steve P said...

SpeedTheory Cat 5 only!? Crazy.
Oh, and pardon my newb question, but what is a KOM?

Darcy G said...

"KOM" stands for King of the Mountain. In big races like the Tour de France, points are awarded at the top of certain climbs, and the point leader in the KOM category wears the coveted polka-dot jersey.

I hope folks from other teams will show up for race-day registration. It would be a shame if it was just us.

There's nothing wrong with hills. The more hills, the better...


Tom K said...

All Speed Theory eh? Well I guess we don't have to startegize how to crush any other team which I was hoping to do.
Trev, maybe you can talk startegy anyhow since I know little about it. How do we keep our strong riders at the finish, how do other team mates slow down the pack if we have riders on a break away, how do CRUSH the competitors with enduring pain and suffering?

Maybe we meet for a refreshment on Saturday night?

RobWoolley said...

Is there race day registraton, as in, I can show up and get into the race on sunday?

Thomas said...

Posted today on headwinds site:
(*note the bottom section)

Thursday, April 30.

So it looks like plus temperatures for the next few days with no precipitation with the forecast. There will a slight breeze (Lethbridge terms of reference) today so hopefully this will help dry things out on the Coulee Cruiser race course. Some of you will recall last year's race when it snowed Saturday and the race went ahead on Sunday... the course was a bit muddy but overall a great race. This year looks better. This is southern Alberta, eh. We will check the course out and keep you posted. If the course is too gnarly we will be setting something up... even if it is parking lot mountain bike crit with corners, berms, jumps... somebody mentioned a swing into a hot tub too.

The Hill Climb and Road Race are looking good. Roads are looking to be in great shape and the weather will be perfect for a spring race. Please note that the Hill Climb entry fee has been reduced to $10... the price of two lattes at a boutique coffee house. Not bad except you get to savour the coffee as opposed to suffer for a mere few minutes. This reduction will be reflected in the fee for those participating in all three races.

There will be registration on race days and there will not be a late entry fee.


roblukacs said...

Rod I'm just going by what Phil told me! Maybe he's trying to scare me for not sending in a registration form with my cheque.

I don't think Cat 5 is ALL Speed Theory, but when I told him what team I rode for he started laughing. Thankfully it wasn't because he thinks Speed Theory is a joke team, but because we're so awesome.

Trev said...

Tom... definitely. I would have like to do this by now. I would have also liked to have held the little club ITT and made functional training groups. But the fricken weather has been totally unbelievable. Anyway, all STers should gather before the RR on Sunday morning and I will go through some tactics while we warm up. We will work on them more and more as the season progresses and there isn't an imminent snowfall in the next 24hours or something lame like this spring has been.

Unknown said...

I wish my forte was riding uphill into a hurricane. Or I had less than 13 teeth on my little cog.

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